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Short summary of “Phone booth” movie

Stu Shepard (Colin Farrell) is an arrogant New York publicist who works all the time with his phone. He is the kind of guy who can talk almost anybody into doing what he wants, by lying to business associates, friends and family.

After getting his intern Adam (Keith Nobbs) to run some errands, he stops at a phone booth to call his girlfriend, an actress named Pamela McFadden (Katie Holmes). He uses the phone booth because he doesn’t want his wife, Kelly (Radha Mitchell) to learn about the call by looking at his cell phone bill. After his conversation with Pam, Stu is about to walk away, when suddenly the phone rings. Of course, he answers it. A stranger who seems to know a lot about Stu’s life, commands him to stay in the booth and to not hang up.

Stu thinks that the stranger could be someone he may have scammed in the past. But it turns out he is a sniper with a rifle, and proves it by cocking the gun and pointing the red laser on Stu. Stu then realizes that he is the caller’s target. He wants to have fun torturing Stu, so he orders Stu to call Pam and Kelly and tell them the truth.

The tension arises even more when the sniper shoots and kills a pimp named Leon (John Enos III) who would get Stu out the booth. Shortly after, the police and Capt. Ramey (Forest Whitaker) show up and is trying to find out what’s going on. Since the sniper used a silencer, everyone thinks Stu shot Leon, even though he doesn’t have a gun. The sniper doesn’t allow Stu to tell Ramey what is going on in the booth. The sniper threatens to shoot different people, including Ramey, Kelly, and then Pam, if Stu don’t respect his orders.

As Stu is trying to figure out what will it take for the sniper to let him go, Ramey tries to figure out if Stu is a killer or a hostage.

I really like this film, that’s why I chose it. I had already seen it in the French version but, in retrospect, I really prefer the original version.

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A new star

I would like to present you a young carribean boy named KESSY. He is singing in a train. Unfortunatly this boy is blind but his strenght is that he is a great beatboxer and singer who can switch on songs in just 2 seconds.

He pretend know all best songs of the world. He can sing zouk songs, R&B songs, reggea songs, romantic songs…

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The new jeans for men

This funny video seem view the men’s comportement within the women : no respect when looking at men plunges on women’s breasts.

But in the same situation with this new jeans for men, we can see that the women react the same way.

LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

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Just ME

Welcome on my English Blog…

GwadaBoyz’s Description

Hi, I’m GwadaBoyz…

What’s up?

I am Stéphane, a 23-year-old engineering student. For the moment, I live in a little town near Boulogne Billancourt called Sèvres.

I am a trainee engineer who studies at the High University of Cachan and works at PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN Company in “La Garenne Colombes” (near “La Défense”). So far I would like to be an electrical engineer in embedded systems in automotive and/or aeronautic fields.

Concerning my hobbies, I like hip hop music, video game, and sports in general especially football and basketball. I used to play basketball for my town’s team when I had spare time. I like spend time with other young person who comes from different country. I love partying and meeting new people…

I have to stop otherwise I’m going to talk about my whole life. I would prefer you to discover it by yourself in consulting this blog.

In five years, I see myself in The USA (I don’t know where) with a little family (my wife and one son).

With this blog, I would like share my interests and my hobbies…